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article image Vigilante V4 controller.

SAFETY systems with ArcoBUS diagnostic and management interfaces have been introduced by Jemtech .

The Vigilante V4 controllers are programmable safety relays that have applications replacing multiple safety relay systems and building complete safety systems where many safety sensors or interlocks are part of the machine safety system.

These controllers are the first to use the Vigilante/Vanguard software system that allows the programming of powerful and versatile safety systems using the SafeObject programming model that Jemtech uses for software development and testing.

The ArcoBUS interface makes them interoperable with Jemtech’s new Praxxis positioning controllers, displays, and logic controllers. This means operator status and diagnostic information can be remotely displayed on the ArcoBUS network.

These new controllers can typically interface four to five safety circuits which may include multiple emergency stops, gate interlocks and light curtains.

Jemtech has application software modules for perimeter guarding using Shrike laser sensors, safety gate systems using VSX switches and hydraulic press controls.

The new controllers are made in Australia and are now available from stock.

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