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TO complement its new PRAXXIS position controllers, Jemtech has launched a press depth control application.

Applications for PRAXXIS systems are loaded into the hardware keyboard and count controller modules and represent a complete application-specific machinery control solution.

The controller application requires no further programming and is a fully tested and documented system. It provides up to thirty programs, each with an upper and lower press position and a number of repeats at this position.

The controller also controls press slowdown at a programmed position above the bottom or the material, depending upon the mode of operation.

The depth controller also works with press safety systems, by providing light curtain mute positioning and mute test signals. It also combines with Vigilante/PV press safety modules that already use an encoder for press stopping performance monitoring. Jemtech can provide application data and assistance.

The PRAXXIS depth control system represents an ideal retrofit solution for older or lower cost presses, eliminating mechanical limit switches and enhancing the functionality of the machine. It does this at a lower cost than a full CNC retrofit and yet provides user-friendliness not found in off-the-shelf count controllers.

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