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PV movement monitoring safety system

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THE Jemtech PV movement monitoring modules integrate with Vigilante V65 control units to provide linear and rotational speed monitoring solutions as well as stopping performance monitoring in machinery safety systems.

The PV monitoring module provides an interface between standard rotary encoders and the high level functions of the Vigilante programmable control system.

Outputs from the PV module allow the control systems to provide 10mm limited inching functions, crawl speed monitoring (<10mm/sec) as well as stopping performance monitoring.

The module converts the rotary encoder signals into dual-redundant functional outputs that the Vigilante controller can monitor.

Jemtech supplies the modules as standalone interfaces between existing encoder systems or as complete kits including encoder and all belt, pulley and other mechanical parts for specific applications.

Combined with a V65-PV Vigilante software module, a complete press guarding system can integrate light curtains and other safety devices without the expense of additional monitored hydraulic or pneumatic safety valving - only a suitable secondary stop mechanism has to be provided.

This can result in substantial installation cost savings.

The functions provided by the PV encoder module may be accessed using the Vigilante SafeWizard programming system. Using this system, functions such as rundown monitoring, overrun monitoring and stopping performance monitoring, can be integrated into custom safety systems.

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