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Jemtech offers Ongoing Mascon RED-EYE Support

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Jemtech  continues to support the RED-EYE brand of safety light curtains and safety controls from Mascon Systems ever since the manufacturer closed in 2001.  

Jemtech undertakes repair and maintenance of Mascon’s products for customers all over the world.  

Some Mascon parts serviced by Jemtech are over 25 years old while other parts suffer from component obsolescence.  

This particularly affects control equipment where safety relays wear out and replacement relays are no longer available.  

To address the issue of unavailable or obsolete Mascon parts, Jemtech has adapted its Vigilante control systems to replace existing controllers with straightforward changeover wiring.  

Jemtech’s TIGER relay modules can be used to replace Mascon F91, F91MD, C91 and some 9150 control units.  

The Vigilante V8SX programmable controllers can be used in conjunction with light curtain adapter cards to replace more complex 9100 series press controls with multiple light curtains.  

The company's experience with Mascon products combined with its own versatile product range allows it to be a very effective provider of repair, maintenance and upgrade services for the legacy safety systems.

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30/10/2012 - The light curtains no longer comply with Australian Standards. The optical performance is not sufficient. We recommend that customers do not move equipment for new installation, and are aware of the shift-by-shift tests recommended in the original Mascon Systems manuals.

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