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Silicone and fibreglass sleeves from Jehbco Manufacturing

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article image These sleeves are comprised of high quality silicone and fibreglass
These quality silicone and fibreglass high temperature electrical insulation sleeves from Jehbco Manufacturing have an operating temperature range of -70°C through to +200°C.

The sleeves are comprised of an extrusion coating of specially formulated silicone rubber, which covers closely braided, environmentally safe, electrical grade fibreglass.

During the manufacturing process the fibreglass is pre-treated, which results in strong adhesion between glass sleeve and silicone coating.

The high pressure coating process ensures the sleeves have a smooth, even surface free from wall thickness variation and pimples and protrusions which is typical of those sleeves created using broken fibres.

The sleeves are flexible and smooth, which allows for cables to be easily and efficiently inserted inside them.

Furthermore, the GS-NG-FR model of sleeves feature flame retardants, and they are self extinguishing.

Physical properties of the silicone rubber include:

  • Durometer (ASTM D2240): 50 ShA
  • Tensile strength (ASTMD412): 960 psi
  • Elongation (ASTMD412): 300%
  • Push back after heat aging (ASTM D350 168 hrs/250°C: No cracks
  • Cut-through/abrasion rest: Good

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