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Reinforced silicone tubing from Jehbco

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article image These reinforced silicone tubing products are FDA compliant
Jehbco Manufacturing produces FDA compliant reinforced silicone tubing that can operate continuously at temperatures of -60°C through to 150°C and intermittently at 180°C.

The reinforced silicone tubing has a 70 ShA natural translucent rubber inner hose, braided polyester multi-filament yarn reinforcement and a 60 ShA silicone rubber top coating, which can be either translucent or blue.

Highly versatile, the reinforced silicone tubing is suitable for use with a variety of different acids and alkalis and is resistant to ozone, UV and corona discharge.

The reinforced silicone tubing has a range of applications, including:

  • Coolant hose for industrial machinery
  • Pipe/connecting hose for food and beverage processing
  • Medical equipment 
  • Chemical and adhesive filling systems
Elastomers used for standard translucent and blue hose comply with FDA 21 CFR 177-2600.  

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