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Jehbsil corona silicone sleeves from Jehbco Manufacturing

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article image Corona silicone sleeves from Jehbco Manufacturing
Silicone sleeves for corona treaters from Jehbco Manufacturing are chemically stable and boast excellent dielectric properties.

The silicone sleeves are chemical resistant, and have been created for maximum resistance to ozone and corona discharge.

Jehbco Manfacturing extrudes their silicone sleeves in a perfectly elliptical manner, which ensures they are smooth and extremely durable.

Thanks to their round rather than oval shape the silicone sleeves do not produce any unnecessary bumps during operation.

The silicone sleeves are produced in an ISO 9001 quality assured factory.

They are also FDA approved, making them ideal for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The silicone sleeves have an impressive temperature range of -60°C through to +250°C.

Properties include:
  • Tensile strength : 9.0 Mpa (approx) 
  • Compression set : 22hrs @ 175C = 30% COMPRESSION. 
  • Hardness/duro: 70 +/- 5 
  • Elongation: 350% 
  • Teat strength : 20 N/mm 
  • Density: 1.14 g/cm cubed 
  • Dielectric strength (according to VDE0303): 18-20 kV/mm 
  • Tracking resistance: 3.5 kV/10-30 minutes 
  • Arc resistance (according to VDE0441): ~80 - 100 seconds
  • Surface resistance (according to VDE0303) : 1012 - 1013 Ohm 
  • Volume resistivity : 1015 - 1016 Ohm * cm
The silicone sleeves are available in a range of different colours and sizes.

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