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Clear silicone tubing from Jehbco Manufacturing

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article image Clear silicone tubing products available from Jehbco Manufacturing
Clear silicone tubing products from Jehbco Manufacturing are comprised of 100% platinum silicone elastomer.

This ensures the tubing products are environmentally friendly, as the silicone elastomer does not release toxic fumes when the tubing products are disposed of by incineration.

The tubing products are odourless and tasteless by virtue of the fact that they are comprised of an F.D.A and European Pharmacopoeia approved material.

They are available in a range of different colours on request.

The tubing products have a range of applications, from peristaltic pumps and food manufacturing and processing through aspirating, suction, infusion and processing anaesthetic machine circuits.

Thanks to a broad working temperature range of -50°C to +260°C and a brittle point of -82°C, these silicone tubing products are extremely versatile.

Other noteworthy features include:

  • Hardness of 60 Shore A
  • Tensile strength of 10.8 MPa 
  • Elongation at break – 400%
  • Tear strength of 34 Kn/m

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