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15 reasons to choose Jehbco silicone products

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article image Jehbsil Silicone O-Rings and Gaskets
An ISO 9001 quality company, Jehbco Manufacturing produces a comprehensive range of silicone rubber products for diverse applications.

The company’s product range includes tubing, extrusions, hospital tubing, corona sleeves, cords, strips, sponges, sheets, compounds, o rings and gaskets.

Key advantages of using Jehbsil silicone products in any application include high quality, long working life, high tolerance, variety of materials, in-house testing and low lead times.

15 reasons to choose Jehbco silicone products:
  • Only 100% silicone used (with the exception of sponge) to produce high quality products with high specifications and maximum working life
  • High tolerances, as good as metal extrusions
  • Large variety of types of silicone materials available
  • Any size tube from 0.5mm up to 200mm in increments of 0.1mm and any size cord from 0.5mm up to 50mm in increments of 0.1mm
  • Large range of silicone sheets available off-the-shelf
  • Solutions for customers’ sealing issues provided
  • In-house testing facilities
  • Large selection of silicone extrusions of over 2,000
  • Large selection of colours and hardness levels
  • Difficult shapes in solid and sponge possible
  • Seals can be developed in smaller quantities without tooling charges
  • Can virtually vulcanise any shape, either butt joined or right angled
  • Low lead-times for new tooling
  • Large range of readily available samples
  • Extremely low staff turnover with a wealth of experience

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