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article image The CBRU-FX -- the next logical step.

JEFF Hort Engineering has developed two circuit breaker racking units, the CBRD and the CBRU-FX.

The CBRD was designed to engage and disengage the Reyrolle 11kV circuit breaker.

Designed with safety in mind this unit allows the operator to engage or disengage a circuit breaker by remote pendant control.

With the ergonomically designed latching and the alignment system set, the operator (at a safe distance) can then, by pushing a button, start engaging or disengaging the circuit breaker.

The CBRU-FX was the next logical step after the success of the first unit; which was designed to operate on only one type of circuit breaker.

The FX, with its unique flexible drive shaft and adjustable drive motor position, allows this unit to adapt to suit different types of high voltage circuit breakers.

A current control unit with digital display and adjustable trip point allows the torque setting of the drive motor to be adjusted to suit different engaging requirements.

The CBRU-FX, with its standard features, is a basic device for any maintenance program for servicing high voltage circuit breakers.

The only other requirement is the type of coupling needed to connect the flexible drive shaft to the actual circuit breaker. JHE can supply the necessary coupling as an option for any make of circuit breaker.

The CBRU has been successfully installed in mining, petrochemical, petroleum and electricity supply companies in NSW, VIC and WA.

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