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Sheep and hog cutting tools from Jarvis ANZ

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Jarvis ANZ  supplies a range of sheep, hog and poultry cutting tools. The Sheep and Goat Horn Cutter - Model 30CD-3 from Jarvis ANZ is designed for removal of sheep and goat horns. The Compact design of the Model 30CD-3 provides optimum operator comfort. The Sheep Brisket Scissor - Model 423 -1 7 cuts sheep briskets effortlessly and is suitable for all sizes of sheep. Model 30CD-3 is constructed from corrosion resistant materials and meets national and international standards for safety and hygiene.

The Model OGC from Jarvis ANZ is a tool for oil gland removal from poultry precise cutting ensures no excess material is removed, thereby increasing yield. The Carcass Splitting Circular Saw - Model SEC 400 uses the latest technology for splitting hog carcasses on gambrels and is available in a choice of electric or mechanical brakes.

Spinal Cord Remover - Model SPC 165G from Jervis ANZ uses a patented technology for grinding the spinal cord and the meninges. A vacuum system collects the spinal cord material for easy disposal.

The Automatic Hog Splitter - Model JCK-1 features a five axis computerized mechanism that splits up to 650 hogs per hour. The Hog Leaf Lard Puller - Model LLP-1 effortlessly removes the leaf lard in a single motion. The Hog Aitch Bone Cutter - Model ABC-1 allows the operator to effortlessly cut the hog and sow aitch bones cleanly and effortlessly. The Hog Brisket Saw - Model HBS-3 enables an operator to cut up to 1000 hog briskets per hour.

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