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Poultry vent remover and dehorners from Jarvis ANZ

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Jarvis ANZ  is the Australian arm of the reputed Jarvis Products Corporation, one of the world's largest producers of poultry and meat processing equipment. Having been in the business for over a century the company has consistently provided quality products with detailed craftsmanship that are very dependable and are rugged.

The meat processing equipment from Jarvis ANZ performs very well under difficult field conditions because of the quality of their construction. Jarvis ANZ specialise in a range of cutting devices, band saws, boning devices, slaughtering equipment, carcass opening saws, hock cutters, carcass splitting saws and skinning machines.

Model VC is designed for high precision and economical poultry vent removal, for any type of bird irrespective of size. The Model LKE-1 from Jarvis ANZ is suited for removing chicken, turkey, duck, and geese kidneys and lungs.

The Beef Dehorner - Model 50G from Jarvis ANZ is used for cutting horns of all beef and provides better cutting compared to traditional shear type dehorners. The Beef Dehorner - Model 50G meets national and international standards for safety and hygiene and has a robust construction for long trouble-free operation.

Jarvis ANZ also supplies a range of auxiliary equipment for the meat processing industry. Quality equipment like safety gloves and vacuum pumps for various auxiliary functions are available from Jarvis ANZ.

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