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Beef cutting tools from Jarvis ANZ

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Jarvis ANZ  is the Australian arm of Jarvis Products Corporation a reputed manufacturer of a range of products that is used by the food and slaughtering industries. Jarvis ANZ distributes its products through its Australian office located at a stones throw from the centre of Brisbane.

Jarvis ANZ has been providing a range of machinery to the abattoir, rendering, small goods and boning industry in Australia for a number of years. Jarvis ANZ supplies a range of beef cutting tools for the Australian industry. The Dehider - Model JCIIIA from Jarvis ANZ is a popular skinning tool for cattle, veal, hogs, and sheep. The Dehider - Model JCIIIA produces hides of the highest quality and skins perfectly leaving no cuts, marks or holes in the hides.

This Lightweight product weighing only 1.3 kilograms is designed for handling high volume of work. The Beef Hock Cutter - Model 30CL-1, 30-CL-2 is designed for front and hind beef hock cutting and can be used as an effective beef dehorner as well. The Hock Grabber - Model 30-CL is a pneumatically operated hock grabber that enhances operator safety. The Beef Brisket Saw - Model MG1 is a high-performance saw from Jarvis ANZ and cuts beef briskets quickly and easily. The Carcas Splitting Bandsaw - Model Buster V is the largest splitting saw in the Jarvis ANZ range of saw’s and is used for splitting fat cattle, bulls, oxen, and horses.

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