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dbx Introduces New S Series Graphic Equalisers, Compressors and Crossovers

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article image dbx 231S Graphic Equaliser

dbx introduces a new range of its industry-leading high-performance analogue audio processors including graphic equalisers, compressors and crossovers.  

Featuring a platinum front panel and 4-colour packaging with informative application suggestions for each product, the new dbx S Series includes: 

  • 231s dual 31-band graphic equaliser
  • 215s dual 15-band graphic equaliser
  • 131s single 31-band graphic equaliser
  • 266xs compressor/gate
  • 166xs compressor/limiter/gate
  • 234s/234xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way/mono 4-way crossover
  • 223s/223xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover

The new S Series EQs, compressors and crossovers provide high performance and reliability for live sound, installed sound and recording studios.

S Series Graphic Equalisers  

The new dbx 231s, 215s and 131s graphic equalisers are direct replacements for the popular 2 Series equalisers (231, 215, and 131).    

S Series EQs are superior to the original 2 Series EQs with features such as: 

  • Dynamic range improved from 108dB to 112dB
  • Super quiet and more energy-efficient universal 100-240VAC switch-mode power supply
  • New circuitry further reduces induced noise, making them quieter than the previous 2 Series EQ models
  • New Silver Titanium finish

S Series Compressors 
The new dbx 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate and 266xs Compressor/Limiter are direct replacements for the popular 166XL and 266XL models. The 166xs and dbx266xs extend the dbx lineage of quality dynamics processors with an updated look.  

286s Mic Preamp Processor  

The 286s mic preamp processors have evolved from the respected dbx 286A model, considered to be the industry-standard for mic processing.  

The 286s builds on the success of the 286A in broadcast and recording studios as well as live sound rigs. A full-featured channel strip processor, the 286s delivers studio quality microphone/ instrument preamplifier and four processors.  

Key features of 286s Mic Preamp Processor: 

  • Improved and upgraded mic preamp circuitry
  • More overall gain available with the gain range changing from 10dB->60dB to a new 0dB->60dB
  • Redesigned gain controls add more control and easily enable small adjustments
  • New Silver Titanium finish

The new S Series graphic equalisers, compressors and crossovers by dbx are available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of professional sound systems, lighting systems and staging equipment.

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