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Your Vision Sound Solutions discovers the wonders of a JBL, BSS and Crown solution

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article image The refurbished lounge at the Burwood Inn
Your Vision Sound Solutions was tasked with setting up the audio-visual facilities at the Burwood Inn, one of the oldest hotels in Merewether.
Situated in Newcastle’s beach side suburb of Merewether, Burwood Inn, established in 1876 has been a popular destination for famous sports people, musicians and other celebrities.
The Burwood Inn was refurbished following its sale four years ago with the current owners finally deciding to retain the original feel after a year of operation. Changes were however planned to the audio-visual facilities, which included installing a 64” plasma at one end of the room and framing it with a pair of JBL Control 29AV speakers and a JBL SB210 sub.
Your Vision Sound Solutions (YVSS) helped create a ‘Sports Theatre’ feel in the front bar, making it a popular destination for major sporting events. The company also constructed the TAB area from scratch at the other end of the main bar, recessing the display panels and betting facilities into the purpose built wall. JBL 8128 ceiling speakers were used for Sky Racing’s audio.

Behind the bar is a dedicated computer that runs BSS’ London Architect to allow staff to control the hotel’s audio system via a BSS BLU-100 processor. The computer also runs iTunes for background music.
The existing lounge area was transformed into a lounge bar area that can also be used for casual dining, entertainment and informal functions. Features include aged timber flooring, leather bench seats, tarnished warehouse style lighting and distressed paint, which blend in with the original pressed steel ceilings and ornate windows to give a warm and comfortably worn feel to the hotel.

JBL Control 29AV speakers were installed on the way to the restaurant. Originally JBL SB210 subs were to be mounted in the seat bases but a last minute change in design meant there was not enough space. YVSS then measured the volume of the seat base and went looking for a suitable bass driver to turn these seats into subs.
JBL car audio had the perfect match in the form of a 12” 1200W RMS dual voice coil driver, with YVSS mounting a pair of the systems in the lounge bases and another pair in the restaurant. Inputs have been provided for entertainers to patch their own mixers into the in-house system and be piped through the entire hotel.
Tiled floors, bricks, glass and a gyprock ceiling in the restaurant created an acoustic nightmare. The timber floors, bench seats and distressed finishes were carried through in addition to timber wine displays and a log fire. On advice from YVSS, the gyprock ceiling was replaced with a suspended timber slat ceiling with 50mm gaps between each batten.
Acoustic batts hidden by black material were installed behind the ceiling with JBL Control 26C ceiling speakers fitted into the timber ceiling and complemented with the subs. Restaurant staff can control audio volume and source via a BSS BLU-3 wall control.
Crown XTi2 series amplifiers run the main bar, the lounge and the restaurant. Crown 180A 100v amplifiers run the TAB, games room and general areas. The audio system partially integrates with the C-Bus and vision systems to make operation for the staff simple.
According to Brett Coxon, director of Your Vision Sound Solutions, they were impressed with the sound quality, power and range of JBL’s Control 29AV speakers, which they were using for the first time. Similarly, their first experience with the BLU-100 was great, which they found to be more versatile and usable than their usual Yamaha, Bose and Mediamatrix options.
The Burwood Inn’s renovation was completed in late 2011. According to Brett, the audio system has impressed several patrons, entertainers and other venue owners, leading to YVSS installing similar audio systems at other venues in Newcastle.

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