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V4 DSP preset data for all VERTEC loudspeaker system models, from Jands

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At the 123rd AES Convention, JBL Professional introduced new V4 DSP preset data for all VERTEC loudspeaker system models. This comprehensive digital information package is available from Jands and includes system drive files for all full-size, mid-size and compact line array elements along with a wide variety of VERTEC subwoofer combinations. 

V4 presets function as a software upgrade to enhance the performance of VERTEC systems, regardless of model or application. Extended high-frequency response, sub/low processing and scalable system design capabilities with spectral balance from one model to the next are consistent with the V4 preset libraries.  

“V4 DSP preset data now provides JBL VERTEC users with a standardised system configuration platform, helping to ensure consistent system performance," explained Paul Bauman, JBL’s Director, Tour Sound Production and Application Engineering. “Regardless of rental company, DSP platform, speaker models used or system size, sound mixers and professional system operators can now start to rely upon consistent, refined presets when working on different VERTEC systems around the world.” 

Glenn Helmot, Audio Applications Engineer of Jands comments that the V4 DSP presets have been a major improvement for VERTEC. “Previously VERTEC performance could have been hit and miss depending on where you hired the system and who was running it.” 

Glenn recently spent some time at JBL in the USA with Paul Bauman. “With the V4 DSP preset data, Paul has now given the whole VERTEC range the same sonic 'signature'. A lot of work was also done with the off-axis response of the systems. The result is that VERTEC systems integrate together, for example using VT4887A's below a VT4889 array as near field coverage, or VT4888's as side hangs with a main VT4889 system in an arena.

A year-long program, the development of JBL Professional’s V4 DSP preset data for VERTEC systems included the use of new proprietary tools not previously available to any loudspeaker system developer. JBL Engineering’s LDM (Loudspeaker Data Manager) software enabled the premodeling of crossover topologies, corrective section equalization and time alignment, passband interactions, beamwidth, directivity index, and normalised horizontal and vertical offaxis response. V4 DSP preset development included competitive- system benchmarking with critical listening and reference system measurements. Indoor and outdoor sessions were staged with all combinations of VERTEC C system models, using spatial-averaging system measurement techniques. Performance-audio criteria was used to achieve optimum limiter settings. 

An extended field-testing program with partners in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America began with an initial trial during the globally-telecast Live Earth concert event at Giants Stadium, and proceeded at other major concerts and special events including Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival and Scissor Sisters’ UK shows. Upgrades to V4 are already underway and planned for VERTEC systems installed at live-performance venues.  

Support for a broad range of signal processing platforms is included with the new V4 DSP presets. The dbx 4800 Loudspeaker Management System was used as a reference development platform due to its filtering capabilities and 96 kHz DSP engine. Available technical information to facilitate the use of V4 presets by VERTEC system operators includes download and programming instructions, preset descriptions for each DSP platform, and I/O channel configuration worksheets.

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