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Total Events Co Gets Into Gear with Jands Audio Equipment

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Jands  audio equipment was extensively used by the Geelong-based Total Events Co for providing the sound systems at the 2010 UCI Road World Championships held recently.  

The 2010 UCI Road World Championships held in Geelong is the marquee event for the Union Cycliste International (UCI) and second only to the legendary Tour de France in terms of importance and prestige in international cycling.

Geelong-based Total Events Co was tasked with providing the audio requirements for the Championship’s nine event precincts.

Bill Busbridge, Managing Director of Total Events Co says it was a total Jands-fest with 14 different systems over nine sites.  

Jands’ sound systems included JBL PRX and VRX boxes, Shure microphones, Crown amplifiers, DBX processing, BSS, Soundcraft as well as Jands HPC Air Gap power distribution units.  

Additionally, Jands also provided service and customer support for the sound equipment.

Jands’ audio equipment included:

  • 12 JBL-VRX932 speakers chosen for their power and directionality
  • 8 JBL-VRX918 subwoofers
  • 8 JBL-PRX512 pole-mounted speakers
  • 6 channels of Shure UR radio microphone systems with Beta87 H/H and antenna distribution
  • JBL VRX systems, powered with Crown IT 6000 and IT 8000 amplifiers
  • Control software System Architect
  • Shure Wireless work bench

Bill says that managing the JBL VRX systems as well as Crown IT 6000 and IT 8000 amplifiers in addition to the Shure UR Series microphones set-up that covered the start/ finish areas over a 200m zone was made effortless with the networking of control software System Architect and Shure Wireless work bench.  

The control software enabled them to remotely scan and monitor bandwidths, and find suitable frequencies at the event.  

System Architect 2.20 also enabled the remote control of multiple racks of Crown IT amplifiers flawlessly over the 5-day event.

The remote access was a big advantage for the audio team since there was limited access to specific areas.

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