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Soundfirm utilise Jands’ JBL ScreenArray system at Film Mix One facility

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Soundfirm, Australia’s sound post-production company, have provided sound post-production services for feature films, television drama series and television commercials. Soundfirm use audio systems that are available with Jands for their facilities.

Soundfirm have three facilities situated in the centre of Melbourne's production hub, on the Fox Studios lot in Sydney and in Central Beijing. Soundfirm’s Sydney facility includes Film Mix One, which is the mixing stage in Australia. Australian and international feature films have been shot in Film Mix One including ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’, ‘The Quite American’, ‘No Reservations’, ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘House of the Flying Daggers’ and the recent two-part Chinese language feature ‘Red Cliff’.

Certified to the THX standards with a JBL 3632 3-way speaker system, the Film Mix One is capable of mixing and mastering in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround (SRD) and Dolby Stereo. Soundfirm utilise Jands’ JBL ScreenArray system at Film Mix One.

The Screen Array system features JBL 4642 Dual 18” subwoofers and JBL 8340A high powered surround speakers. According to Soundfirm, the three way monitoring feature in the JBL audio products has improved the acoustics in the film sound industry.

Crown amplifiers that are also available with Jands are used to drive the audio system in Film Mix One and the main mix rooms which utilise JBL Screen Channel systems. Soundfirm’s surround systems are based on the JBL Surround loudspeakers. Edit suites and small screening spaces are fitted with the JBL LSR range of powered studio monitoring.

Soundfirm admit buying of 5.1 packs of the JBL LSR self-powered studio speakers. In their opinion, JBL studio speakers offer compatibility across all the editing rooms and between those rooms and mix rooms. The speakers have digital inputs and can be used in a variety of room sizes and shapes. Soundfirm use the room mode correction function in the speakers to provide consistent acoustics.

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