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Soundcraft’s Vi sound console mates available from Jands

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article image Soundcraft’s Vi6 digital live sound console

The digital live sound console with an increased input-to-mix capacity of 96 channels is available from Jands .

With its advanced Vistonics II user interface and sonic performance, the Vi series already has an impressive input-to-mix capacity of 64 or 48 channels, mapped out on 32 or 24 motorised faders for the Vi6 and Vi4 respectively. These can be assigned to 32 or 24 outputs (plus a stereo and mono mix) that can be any combination of group and aux busses. Up to 16 matrix outputs can be configured from the pool of busses.

The Vi6 digital console is available in 64 or 96 input models and the existing consoles can be upgraded with the purchase of an additional DSP card. The 96 channels to mix for the Vi6 digital console can then comprise the 64 stagebox mic/line inputs, the 16 line inputs on the local rack, and the 8 stereo Lexicon effects returns.

The ‘additional’ 32 inputs are assigned to Fader Bank C on the surface. Alternatively, a second stage box can be added to bring in mic/line inputs from the stage to all 96 input channels. Through desk patching, the inputs can also encompass the 64 MADI channels, or 16 AES/EBU inputs.

Further options are available for expanding the I/O to use remote stageboxes, or other audio formats. Another important feature of the V3.0 upgrade is that the Vi4 digital live sound console can access all 35 output busses, with the addition of 8 busses fixed in ‘Aux’ mode.

The new V3.0 software also has snapshot filtering. In addition to the existing ISOLATE function where a channel may be isolated from snapshot recall, high-granularity filtering can now be applied both globally and on each snapshot, right down to individual parameter level – for example, a PAN setting or an individual Aux send.

A revised Cue List Management suite allows Apply Changes, where parameter changes can be applied to multiple snapshots, and cues can trigger or be triggered by MIDI or GPIO events, including MIDI Timecode.

Harman’s HiQnet VENUE RECALL function is integrated within this manager. These powerful snapshot extensions are also available in the latest Virtual Vi software, so functionality can be tried and learned offline. With the introduction of the Virtual Vi offline editor, engineers are now able to set up their shows in advance, before simply downloading them to the console through a USB memory stick.

Other new features in the V3.0 software include finer adjustment of input and output delay trims and enhanced metering on the master bay, which includes gain reduction, import and export of channel labels from and to spreadsheet files using USB, ganging of GEQs on output busses, and selective loading of show configurations.

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