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Soundcraft’s Si3 digital console available from Jands

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When using the Lexicon processors, users can expand the controls to adjust every parameter available, and control the effects. Each of the four Lexicon engines can be assigned by the user to any channel. The gates and compressors, draw on the heritage of BSS Audio and dbx, Soundcraft’s sister companies within Harman. Soundcraft’s digital consoles are available from Jands .

The output encoders and OLEDs can be assigned to control EQ and dynamics control for any selected input or output channel for those who prefer central control.

The Si3 digital console uses the patented Soundcraft FaderGlow system to show what mode the faders are in, whether they are controlling inputs, aux or effects sends, bus outputs etc. For example, when faders are controlling Aux sends, they glow yellow, while for VCA’s they glow blue.

Complete desk settings may be stored as snapshots, as one would expect on a digital console, and these can then be sequenced from a Cue list on the central touch screen and controlled with dedicated snapshot automation buttons. Global snapshot filtering is also available.

Under the hood of the Si3 digital console is an array of new technology, EMMA, a single-board digital mixing console with an embedded operating system. This compact PCB holds not only the processing and DSP to run the mixer with its EQ and dynamics, but also four Lexicon AudioDNA chips to provide the Si3 digital console with effects available in the pro audio world.

The Si3 digital console has inherited the same sound quality pedigree, and coupled with mic pre-amp design and with the extensive development of the integral dynamics and gates and Lexicon FX, sound quality is given.

On the rear of this console are all the I/O connectors that one will need. Sixty-four XLR’s for the mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line level inputs, 24 bus output XLRs, 8 matrix output XLRs, Left/Right/Centre mix output XLRs, Left/Right/Centre monitor output XLRs and comprehensive internal and external talkback and oscillator connections. There are also 8 analogue insert connections which allow outboard processing to be inserted into any input channel or output bus.

The power supply for the Si3 digital console is integral to the chassis, and a secondary PSU module can be fitted for total redundancy. There are also four spare slots for other optional cards such as MADI interfaces or AES/EBU inputs.

The Si3 digital console has been developed with Harman’s HiQnet networked audio system in mind, and connection to the HiQnet network is included.

Soundcraft are also planning to release an off-line editor for the Si3 digital console to make the console setup easier. This self-contained suite runs on a PC or laptop, and allows configuration of the console which can then be downloaded to the desk, saving precious on-site setup time. Engineers can move between different consoles and take their shows and settings with them.

The Soundcraft Si3 digital console is ideal for:

  • Tour sound companies and regional theatres
  • Medium sized houses of worship
  • Corporate event sound companies

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