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Soundcraft Si Compact Digital Consoles give GenX Productions the Luxury of Analogue with the Power of Digital

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article image Alan Jurcan with the Soundcraft Si Compact console

Alan Jurcan, Managing Director of GenX Productions and a satisfied owner of Soundcraft’s analogue consoles for over ten years couldn’t wait to get his hands on one of their new digital consoles.

Invited for a demo of the Si Compact, Alan was amazed at the clean signal path with the console retaining all the classic Soundcraft characteristics and quality. Alan soon purchased his own Soundcraft Si Compact digital console for use in his production work for live bands and events.  

Having considered other digital consoles around the same price bracket, Alan chose the Si Compact range because of his confidence in the build of Soundcraft products.  

Alan reports that the Si Compact console is superior to its competitors in many areas especially in its ease of use. The hands-on console with a knob or button for just about every control or function allowed him to set up a stage mix and FOH mix easily when he took the console on the road.  

Alan also points out that the digital console still has an element of analogue sound and would highly recommend the equipment to anyone considering switching from analogue to digital.  

Some of the advantages of the Si Compact digital console listed by Alan include:

  • Simple interface with no confusing menus or pages to navigate  
  • Ability to save various settings for later recall including FOH mix, monitor mix, EQ settings, compression/gate settings or even just the track names
  • Save and recall function cuts down on setup times, especially for regular artists
  • Ability to pre-configure settings for particular artists or shows without even opening the console case via the Soundcraft Virtual Si computer software
  • Unlimited DSP power
  • Lexicon effect processors offer lush reverbs, great stereo and tap delays among others
  • Superior compressor section eliminates unwanted compression artefacts
  • FaderGlow system allows the user to easily keep track of the console just by looking at the colours
  • Backlit console buttons and in-built screen allows working in complete darkness

The Soundcraft Si Compact digital consoles are available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of professional sound equipment, lighting systems and staging equipment.  

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