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Sefton High School Celebrates Turning 50 with Jands and The PA People

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Jands  recently advised Sydney’s Sefton High School in the upgrading work of their auditorium, assisting The PA People who were contracted to supply and install drapes, audio systems and lighting equipment.

The refurbishment was undertaken to coincide with the school’s 50th anniversary and aimed to eliminate all existing drawbacks in the auditorium.

The curtain and drapes staff at Jands developed a design in partnership with the school that reduced the width of the performance space, providing some space for performers to stand off-stage.  

This was achieved by providing dog leg wings rather than flat or diagonal wings and a full tab across the back of the stage to allow a crossover as well as reveal performers from upstage.

As part of the audio equipment upgrade, The PA People recommended the JBL CBT passive column speakers designed for venues that would typically use larger point-and-shoot speakers.  

The CBT models incorporate technical advancements that allow them to vastly outperform competitive systems, with a level of user-friendliness that virtually eliminates the challenges of delivering great sound.  

A pair of CBT J and CBT JE extension speakers was placed on either side of the stage along with a sub. Additionally, a pair of CBT 100LA cabinets was set up as delay speakers.  

Mark Condon, project manager for The PA People comments that he was working with JBL CBT speakers for the first time and was very impressed with their performance.

The JBL CBT speakers are powered by three Crown 802D and one 202D amplifiers while a BSS BLU100 DSP system is installed for processing to deliver a flexible solution.

Speaking of BSS processing, Mark says they have the system running in two modes: simple mode and performance mode.  

The system allows the school to simply walk in, hit a button, pick up a microphone and talk without having to go through a whole set-up.  

Cable infrastructure has also been installed so that when they do a full scale production they can easily switch the system into performance mode enabling a sound engineer to plug in a console and begin the proceedings.

A JLX Pro lighting bar was installed directly above the stage whilst The PA People refurbished the existing front lighting bar. A Jands WMX wall mount dimmer and WMX patch were also installed.

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