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Secure Tempest 2400 Wireless Communication Systems Available from Jands

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Jands  is a major distributor of lighting, sound, staging and communication equipment for diverse environments.  

In a recent issue of the Herald Sun, Rodney Eade, coach of the Western Bulldogs AFL team revealed that rival clubs have been ‘hacking’ their 2-way communication systems to listen to strategic calls from the coaches’ box. A simple scanner was used to intercept the audio.  

The communication system was compromised because the coaches were not using a secure form of encrypted communications such as the Tempest 2400.  

Tempest 2400 wireless communication systems available from Jands, are designed to send encrypted audio packet data between the basestation and beltpack, which need to be physically connected together in order to be paired to one another.  

As the information is encrypted, only a paired beltpack is able to decode the packet received from its matched base. These wireless communication systems eliminate the risk of potential eavesdroppers using off-the-shelf electronics store products to listen in on critical communications.  

Tempest 2400 wireless communications systems are available in two-channel and four-channel options, which allow five dedicated full duplex beltpacks. New firmware has just been released enabling two new features, split mode and shared mode.  

Normal mode:

Each basestation can support up to 5 full duplex beltpacks. This means that all beltpacks can talk and listen at the same time on multiple channels. The 4-channel beltpacks can talk and listen on either A, B + C or D channels, with the two-channel always having A and B channels available.  

Shared mode: 

The basestation can support an unlimited number of users listening to any channel with a maximum of 5 talk paths available at any time. This means if 5 people are already talking simultaneously, the 6th person will need to wait for one of those to release a talk path in order to talk.  

Split mode:

Four beltpacks work as per the normal mode, with an unlimited number of beltpacks being able to listen to one of the channels. This leaves one talk path, which enables any of the split mode beltpacks to talk one at a time.

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