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National Film and Sound Archive install Jands’ JBL ScreenArray system at Arc cinema

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article image Jands’ JBL ScreenArray system installed at NFSA's Arc

The National Film and Sound Archive celebrated the first anniversary of their Arc cinema and have installed Jands ’ JBL ScreenArray system. Arc is NFSA’s cinema and screens the formats of cinema’s past, such as the slower speeds of silent films.

It's digital projection and sound quality are modern and support contemporary filmmaking. The Arc screenings include informative introductions from NFSA’s curators giving context to the film. The screenings are preceded by Arc’s sound and light shows.

According to Arc, their cinema programmes aim to present a variety of world cinema. Special guests and live musical accompaniments feature from time to time as highlights in their calendar. For staging music to accompany ‘silent films’, Arc cinema have installed a Soundcraft GB4 32 channel mixing console alongside the Dolby processing available from Jands.

In conjunction with BSS BLU signal processing, ARC can select the format to drive the JBL Screen Array system. In Arc’s view, the Soundcraft GB4 is used for reinforcing a performer doing live accompaniment for silent films. The system has been used for live instrumental and vocal accompaniment and also for Dolby Digital film sound tracks.

The JBL ScreenArray system, available from Jands, comprises three JBL 4632 speakers, left, centre and right, with two JBL 4645C subwoofers and twelve JBL 8340 surround speakers for support. BSS SoundWeb London BLU provides high quality audio transport and source selection along with the JBL Screen Array loudspeakers driven by Crown amplifiers.

The JBL 4632s are bi-amped with HF supported by two DSi 2000s and LF by two DSi 4000s. Each sub is set to bridge mode by a DSi 2000. The system’s side wall surrounds are powered by a DSi 4000 left and right and the rear surrounds have a DSi 2000 assigned to them.

There is a Crown DSi 8M booth monitor, which allows individual channel monitoring at the rack and five self powered JBL LSR 6325P monitors across the bio box front wall for operator monitoring.

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