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Jands supplies FreeSpeak wireless intercom systems

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Combining DECT and wireless roaming technologies, FreeSpeak wireless intercom systems from Jands allow users to move freely within production environments without losing communications.

FreeSpeak systems use the license-free 1.8-1.9 GHz frequency band for operation, as opposed to other crowded frequency bands. This ensures that they are free from interference from devices such as PCs, microphones and other wireless intercoms.

These wireless intercom systems incorporate a beltpack that presents users with clear, sophisticated operation with flexible connectivity options.

The beltpacks can operate with a freestanding FreeSpeak intercom base station, or can be integrated with a FreeSpeak Integra system that allows them to be linked directly with Clear-Com Eclipse Matrix Systems.

This is achieved with the use of an E-Que card.

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