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Jands Vista lighting control console used at premier music festival

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July saw Splendour in the Grass, arguably one of Australia's premier music festivals, back for its sixth year - bigger and better.

Held in Byron Bay's beautiful Belongil Fields, Splendour in the Grass' mammoth eighteen thousand tickets that went on sale earlier in the year sold out within 24 hours.

For those lucky enough to score tickets, the weekend was full to the brimming with one of the best line-ups the festival has seen including Sonic Youth, Wolfmother, Brian Wilson, The Scissor Sisters, Snow Patrol, Grinspoon, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and so much more.

Lighting Coordinator for the festival was Simon Land with Chameleon Touring Systems supplying the lighting equipment.

Simon's job was to design the lighting rigs for the various stages, make sure the correct equipment went to each of these spaces and ensure that it all stayed in working order.

For the Mix Up Tent Simon decided that a Jands Vista would be suitable to take care of the venue's stunning rave-inspired lighting. The decision was made easy due to the Vista's fixture modeller.

"As the lighting gear was constantly changing, due to availability, budget and specifications being altered, throughout the evolution of the job it was not an easy task," he said. "However with the Vista I was able to pre-programme the show on a PC prior to arriving at the festival. This way there was almost no reprogramming required saving a lot of time and stress."

Simon was delighted to have the time and opportunity to get to know the Vista console more intimately and he was impressed by many of its features.

"I found the copy and paste tools to be extensive, very useful and fast," commented Simon. "With festivals you often have to fly by the seat of your pants and it was a really good console for that. You could do something like four cue lists of colour, all with different fade times on them, really quickly with copy and paste timing to an entire list.

With other consoles, you usually have to go into the cue list and actually edit the times individually, especially with split fade times, but with the Vista you just copy the timing and paste across the rest of the cues and it's done."

Simon had planned to use the Vista on the current Human Nature Motown Encore Tour, a tour he had to pull out of due to personal reasons, where it would have been particularly useful on the casino leg of the tour.

"I could have put the set list into the console as a bunch of MP3's and by touring the console you wouldn't have to reprogamme all the in-house rigs," he explained. "I also really like the colour selector on the Vista, the smart effects are very powerful as are the snap shot tools. The time line feature is what really identifies the console and it's really easy to use.

Being able to visually see what the fixtures are going to do for you rather than having to picture it in your head after seeing a spreadsheet layout of timing and delay entry. It's also great how Jands listen to your feedback on the console."

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