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Jands Vista I3 lighting illuminates Great Moscow Circus show

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article image Lighting, designed and programmed with Vista I3, at the Great Moscow Circus show

Brian Anslow, a lecturer in Technical Production at WAAPA, designed and programmed the lighting for Great Moscow Circus show with Jands Vista I3. Brian pre-programmed the opening of the Great Moscow Circus on his laptop with another screen connected to it so he could run both Vista and WYSIWYG with the audio track in Vista.

Containers for the set up of the circus were flying in to the opening in Queensland from all over the world but unfortunately the container holding the truss and moving lights was held up by customs. This meant that Brian did not receive the truss and moving lights until 2.15pm on the afternoon of the opening night. Brian had also never seen any of the acts but only a few bits of DVD footage and, due to the late arrival of the last container, a proper rehearsal was not possible.

By the time everything was set up, plugged in and turned on, there were only 10 minutes left. Although Brian had the show pre-programmed in WYSIWIG, he decided to run the Vista on the fly. He used a different LED par can fixture in WYSIWIG and cloned in the new fixtures. Brain said that he can programme a show faster on a Vista I3 compared to any other desks.

The Jands Vista I3 allows the programmer to put in a track and choreograph it. Rather than having a CD player where you press play, have a listen and then go programme a bit. The Jands Vista I3 makes it possible to programme while listening, resulting in accuracy.

Gareth Simmonds is operating the show on tour and is comfortable with the Jands Vista I3. Gareth helped with all of the pre preparation and programming and continues to refine the show as it evolves.

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