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Jands Introduces Paradigm Lighting Control Systems for the Modern World

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ETC’s Unison Paradigm lighting control systems available from Jands combine architectural lighting controls with entertainment lighting control technology to create new levels of sophistication, simplicity and flexibility in building lighting control.  

The modern architectural lighting landscape can be complex with a multitude of lamp types, protocols and fixtures that are capable of changing colour and even position. Several developments made for professional stage lighting applications such as theatrical control systems are finding their way into architectural installations.  

Designed as a new building control system, ETC’s visionary Unison Paradigm system fully fuses architectural lighting control advances with entertainment lighting control technology.  

Paradigm delivers a new level of comprehensive control offering sophisticated facility lighting and building systems integration in a single green energy management system that capitalises on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings.  

Paradigm lighting control systems are designed to work with a deep library of lighting fixtures for dynamic effects and can interface with different devices from different manufacturers over the same control system.  

The Unison Paradigm family of lighting control systems includes powerful software, elegant touch screens, wall stations, modular control electronics, dimming and control enclosures as well as accessories to offer one of the most customisable and people-friendly control systems available.  

Paradigm brings the beauty of well-controlled light in line with today’s environmental concerns and real-life needs. Restaurants, hotels, casinos, educational institutions, museums, houses of worship, office buildings and conference centres are some of the application areas for Paradigm lighting control systems.  

Paradigm Architectural Processor

Designed as the core of the lighting control systems, the Paradigm Architectural Processor module contains state-of-the-art electronics and is packed with input and output ports. Featuring a user-friendly interface with a large graphic and text display, the processor is designed to keep the lights on in a facility even in critical emergency situations.  

Key features of Paradigm Architectural Processor

  • Robust embedded software platform
  • Scalable internal solid-state storage
  • Solid-state components with no fans, disk drives or moving parts for continuous 24/7/365 operation
  • Works with Unison dimming enclosures (DRd) or control enclosures (ERn) for powerful architectural lighting control
  • Built-in memory and fast processing power works with vast amounts of lighting control data
  • Point of Control interface features a large, back-lit LCD screen display showing all system functions with clear graphics and text
  • LocalAccess function allows the user to create and edit timed events as well as access or modify presets and sequences already programmed in the system without using any software
  • LightDesignerAccess, Paradigm’s built-in web interface can be used to view and edit elements of the system on an Internet browser
  • Secure-It User Accounts control supports multiple levels of secure access at the facepanel so that only authorised users can work with the system
  • Full Ethernet network control using NetConnect, featuring ETC’s Net3 powered by ACN and native networking ports
  • Integration options include two fully configurable DMX512A ports, bi-directional RS-232 serial port as well as four dry-contact inputs and four relay outputs
  • When used with optional LinkConnect Station Power Modules, the Paradigm ACP can communicate with and power Unison Heritage and Paradigm control stations
  • Ethernet network port allows the user to connect a computer to exchange configurations as well as control or edit the control system live using LightDesigner
  • Options such as the QuickLoad slot using Secure Digital media or the USBConnect port using a USB Flash Memory Drive can be used to upload or download the system configuration

LightDesigner software  

Paradigm LightDesigner combines architectural lighting control with entertainment control to offer real-time control with automatic system management capabilities in addition to allowing its use as a console to program dynamic lighting events.  

Key features of Paradigm LightDesigner

  • Offers both static and dynamic programming of lighting controls
  • Comprehensive interface design tool allows the user to assemble endless combinations of graphics into a unique touch-driven environment
  • Lighting control and dimming systems can be programmed with built-in tools to create unique lighting environments
  • Allows designers and technicians to collaborate on effective lighting control scenarios including energy management, day-to-day operations, user interfaces, special events and special effects
  • Effective pre-programming and simulation capabilities allow the user to visualise and test out changes to lighting design as well as access powerful, real-time live control and live editing of Unison Paradigm lighting control system
  • EnergyManager suite of features facilitates maximum energy savings through:
    • Daylight harvesting with DaylightManager
    • Occupancy sensing with OccupancyManager
    • Time-based controls with TimeManager
  • Occupants can be forewarned with FlickWarn when the lights are about to change, giving them time to respond
  • SpaceManager feature allows the user to import a plan or picture of the project to assist in control layout
  • Ready-to-use built-in effects in the EasyFX function showcase the artistry of the lighting system
  • FixtureManager’s deep library of multi-attribute fixtures gives drag-and-drop access to LEDs, moving lights and other devices
  • LiveControl function allows designing on the fly
  • EasyNet accesses ETC’s state-of-the-art Net3 networking capability with graphical views of the control system
  • StationManager enables the user to handle a variety of ETC button and fader stations as well as sensors

ControlDesigner software  

ETC’s ControlDesigner software enables the user to create the face of the system including the look of the touch screen pages and other user interfaces. Free for download from ETC’s web site, the software offers built-in graphics and also allows the user to build or develop unique interfaces.  

Key features of ETC’s ControlDesigner software 

  • Graphics can be modified by selecting from a variety of convenient readymade or user-developed themes
  • Control pages can be created and edited using the DesignView function
  • Buttons, faders and other controls can be added with drag-and-drop convenience
  • Custom pages including pop-up windows, background images, animated clocks, transparent buttons and navigation controls can be created easily
  • Secure-It Touch feature protects the integrity of the control system
  • Sound effects associated with each control can be added and edited including audible confirmation when a button is pressed or released
  • ThemeBuilder offers a choice of built-in graphic themes from the Paradigm library itself or ETC’s award-winning Eos and Congo lighting control systems
  • ControlView allows the user to visualise and test each screen and action before uploading the design to the touch screens 

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