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Jands, ETC and Vari*Lite Create the X-Factor in Television Lighting

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article image Lighting for Australia X-Factor

The lighting rig designed by Ian Anderson for one of the biggest television shows in Australia featured fittings and fixtures from Jands , ETC and Vari*Lite.  

The X-Factor show featured a lighting rig supplied by Chameleon Touring Systems fitted with Vari*lites including 50 x VL3000 Spot, 12 x VL2000 Spot, 14 x VL3500 Wash, 30 x VL2000 Wash, 16 x VL3000 Wash and 14 x VL500 Wash lights.

Ian considers the Vari*lites as his preferred choice of fixture for television lighting with clear advantages such as clean optics and bright light output, especially the VL3000, which he calls a workhorse.

He says that the zoom range on the VL3000 Spots is great from very narrow up to a nice wide for soft gobo looks. Key benefits include great flexibility, good colours and quick operation.  

The VL2000 Washes, according to Ian offers a superior quality of light with great colours and brightness.

Though the VL3500 Washes are too bright for television, he operates them at 30% to get the big beam look. VL3000 Washes are used for audience lighting.

Ian also has 26 ETC Source Four Revolution lighting fixtures in his rig. Suitable as key lights on television shows, these fixtures are bright and offer reliable performance.  

The VL500 fixtures also help cover the white light during the show and Ian describes them as great for backlights and kickers.

Ian also has plenty of ETC Source Four profiles, which were chosen to match the Source Four Revolutions, lighting basic positions that don’t change often.  

40 Chroma-Q Colorblocks LED fixtures are fitted along the sides of the audience to add a spectacular effect.  

Dimming is done using Jands HP12.     

Jands is a specialist provider of professional lighting systems in addition to sound and stage equipment in Australia.

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