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JandS supplies sound equipment including Soundcraft GB4 console for new 456 seat Montagner Auditorium

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article image JandS sound products, including JBL PA and speaker system and Soundcraft GB4 console were used in this theatre fitout

Lightmoves have used a range of JandS sound equipment, including a Soundcraft GB4 console, to fit out Genazzano FCJ College’s new Madeline Centre for Music and Performing Arts in Kew, Melbourne.

The Madeleine Centre is a fully functioning performing arts venue, that incorporates drama rooms, classrooms, a gallery space and the 456 seat Montagner Auditorium. The facilities at the Madeleine Centre constantly host a range of drama, theatre and music classes, as well as assemblies, meetings, seminars, concerts, rehearsals, recitals and theatre productions.

Lightmoves installed the theatrical lighting, sound and lighting control packages for the new artistic hub, turning to the trusted JBL brand for the PA and speaker system with small footprint as well as the tried and tested Soundcraft GB4 console.

The Soundcraft GB4 console has proved itself ideal for the wide range of events held at the music and performing arts centre. The console benefits from four subgroups for bussing channels to and riding the levels , as well as 48v channels with a phase invert, 100Hz high pass filter and 4 band EQ for fantastic EQ control. It also allows for the insertion of two stereo compressors over two stereo groups instead of individual channels.

The GB4 console has two stereo channels which the college has been using for a CD player and a 3.5mm (for iPod or computer). The eight Aux that sends to a CD recorder or video camera and offer the flexibility to use two for fold back, two for effects sends, and four for more stage or backstage foldback when needed.

The console also features four matrix sends which enable sending left/right or subgroup mixes backstage or to recording devices. Spare channels can be utilised for effects returns instead of stereo returns to enable PFL of effects before sending to the mix. The consoles mute groups make it possible to mute all vocals or all instruments with just one button.

The college outfit saw the installation of a range of sound products including:

  • 8 x JBL VRX928LA array top boxes,
  • 2 x JBL VRX 915S subs,
  • 4 x JBL AC15 front fill speakers,
  • 2 x Crown Xli4000 stereo units for the arrays (two speakers per channel), 2 x Crown XLS2000 stereo units for the subs (the two channels on each are bridged for extra power),
  • 1 x Crown XLS2000 stereo unit for the front fills (two speakers per channel),
  • 1 x Soundcraft GB4 32/4/2 mixing console,
  • 2 x Lexicon MX300 stereo reverb/effects processors,
  • 1 x Lexicon MPX1 2in 2out multi effects processor,
  • 1 x DBX-231 graphic equaliser,
  • Clear-Com RM-702 professional remote intercom station with remote speaker/headset station for two-channel selectable talk and listen in one rack space, and
  • a selection Beta 58, Beta 57 and MX412/C Shure microphones.

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