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Jand HPC series dimmers provide flexible solutions for lighting rigs

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The Jands HPC series of dimmers combines dimming and mains power distribution features in the one device, eliminating the need for excessively elaborate lighting rigs that require separate units and complicated patching systems.

Incorporating a range of power control products designed for the remote control of all mains powered equipment, HPC series dimmers integrate dimming and high current full-on and full-off contactor-type elements to create a power control product that can be used to control any type of mains load.

Relay operation is determined by the operator set channel mode, with appropriate relays operating id the dimmer drive level is at full, or off for more than 1 minute. This maximises efficiency and safety.

Dimmers can now be connected to a stage lighting system without the need for patching, enabling the delivery of high quality dimmed power or clean mains from each socket as needed.

The HPC series of dimmers is also capable of operating under a variety of conditions and in a range of configurations.

HPC dimmers will operate from a 100 to 240VAC supply with various rise time options, single Triac or dual SCR dimming devices, various channel current ratings, and with a variety of output connectors.

An optional RCD protection device can be installed per channel to ensure maximum safety.

All models of dimmers can be powered from two phase power supplies while still maintaining equal numbers of channels per phase, and will operate from mains power supply frequencies of between 40 and 66Hz with no setting changes.

Monitoring via RDM is incorporated, with operation at ambient temperatures of up to 40ºC possible.

Physically, the HPC series of dimmers returns to the 350mm depth configuration of the HP series, ensuring compatibility with existing lighting racking systems.

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