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JBL launches new Marquis Dance Club Series of loudspeaker systems

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JBL presents the new Marquis Dance Club Series of powerful loudspeaker systems for nightclubs.  

The new Marquis series consists of four separate components that can be configured as two types of floor stacks, or a flown cluster, depending on the requirements of the venue.  

The Marquis series comes with three standalone speakers including a 12” two way and a 15” two way, plus a double 15” four way in either 90º x 50º or 60º x 40º dispersion patterns. All components except the 2 way boxes are active multiway designs.  

The full Marquis dance floor stack consists of six separate speaker boxes, all designed to work together.  

The first is a speaker called the MD-1 with a pair of JBL UHF compression drivers mounted into it.  

The MD-2 speakers are based on JBL’s world leading cinema series speakers and offer 90º horizontal and a very handy 20º up and 30º down vertical dispersion to allow coverage close to the speakers with reasonable throw across a dance floor. These speakers can produce 128dB SPL continuous and an ear popping 134dB peak SPL.  

The LF section consists of two 15” drivers in a horn loaded enclosure that will take a rather large 1350w AES and produce a remarkable 138dB SPL, going on to peak at 144dB. There are two MD-3 speakers provided in this section.  

The two MD-7 subwoofers sport a pair of 18” drivers each to produce a constant 134dB SPL and 140dB peak, combined with ultra low distortion and extraordinary response to 25Hz.  

The little 2 way boxes are both multiway cabinet designs, featuring a rotatable horn and a 35mm pole socket plus carry handles in addition to the regular complement of M10 fly points. Mounting brackets are also available.  

The floor stack is held together by a selection of custom hardware, which bolts securely to the M10 inserts and in the case of the MD1 and MD2 loudspeakers, allows for precise aiming of the upper boxes through 0º, 5º, 10º and 15º downward firing angles to suit the installation. Planar array brackets are available for MD1, MD2 and a pair of MD3 cabinets.    

The loudspeaker systems additionally include the 4 way MD46 and MD49, which also feature multiple fly points and rotatable waveguides to deliver premium nightclub sound both on and off the dance floor in massive or compact operations.  

The JBL Marquis Dance Club Series of loudspeaker systems can be combined with the Crown next generation MacroTech i series amplifiers plus BSS Audio Soundweb London DSP to create world class audio solutions.  

The JBL Marquis Dance Club Series of loudspeaker systems is available in Australia through Jands , a leading distributor of professional sound systems as well as light and staging equipment.

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