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The JBL VTX V25 is a full size 3-way high-directivity line array element featuring two 2000W 15" differential drive woofers mounted in die cast aluminium baffles with four 8" differential drive midrange transducers and three of the revolutionary new D2 dual-diaphragm dual-voice-coil compression drivers mounted on a 3rd generation waveguide and patented RBI – Radiation Boundary Integrator assembly.  

Patented rigging, Crown VRack DSP and amplification and JBL HiQnet Performance Manage configuration and control software complete the system package.  

The revolutionary D2 dual driver dramatically improves the sound and performance of high frequencies, providing an extreme output advantage over conventional systems with significantly higher array power, reduced distortion, double the number of voice coils and more than double the power handling, resulting in a dramatic increase in pure high frequency sound pressure levels in the same physical footprint with a 30% reduction in weight.  

JBL's patented Radiation Boundary Integrator combines the high frequency and mid-range sections of the VTX V25 so the transition across each band is uninterrupted, undistorted and seamless. VTX's refined RBI waveguide implementation provides improved horizontal coverage.  

JBL's exclusive dual voice coil, dual magnetic gap Differential Drive technology is at the core of all VTX models, dramatically reducing driver weight while greatly enhancing all critical performance parameters including frequency response, power output and distortion.  

Heat sinks are integrated into the cast aluminium frame, and the neodymium magnets are placed inside the dual voice coil assembly, completing the magnetic circuit without the heavy surrounding steel structure of conventional drivers.  

VTX's patented S.A.F.E. suspension system is streamlined for speed and efficiency with improved hardware for faster setup with fewer pinning operations and greater security. A custom-designed protective cover and dolly makes transport easy and the suspension process fast, efficient and safe. Vertical transporters are also available allowing for transport of four V25 enclosures or three S28 enclosures in either front-firing or cardioid mode.  

The LZ laser accessory is a cost-effective installation tool that provides precise focus of VTX V25 arrays for optimum vertical pattern control and audience coverage while streamlining the setup process. A single LZ installed on the top enclosure serves as a visual reference while setting the overall array site angle in accordance with JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC) predictions.  

VTX series dual 18" subwoofers employ two 2269H 18" transducers featuring Differential Drive technology with two voice coils, two neodymium magnets and extremely high peak-to peak excursion capabilities to deliver extended very low frequency performance. Two VTX subwoofer models, G28 and S28 are available with both models reverse cardioid-arrayable.  

The VTX G28 is ground stackable only with a practical form factor for convenient stacking and additional enclosure volume plus port tuning that delivers true sub performance down to 22 Hz @ -10 dB.  

The VTX S28 can be suspended or ground-stacked and is cardioid-arrayable in either configuration for improved rear rejection. Compatible with VTX V25 suspension, S28 can be suspended at the top of V25 arrays to extend the effective low frequency line length, providing improved vertical pattern control combined with improved rear rejection when used in cardioid mode.  

Alternatively, S28 arrays (cardioid or front-firing) can be suspended beside or behind V25 arrays. For theatrical sound design, S28 can be suspended in the middle of flown V25 arrays to facilitate balcony and floor coverage by allowing improved under balcony penetration. Larger cardioid configurations are also effective where S28 is suspended or ground-stacked in multiple cardioid blocks, each block consisting of 3 enclosures (2 front-firing, 1 rear-firing).  

VRack is a building block for the system with a single VRack 12000 powering the recommended 3:2 ratio of V25 to VTX subs while VRack 4 x 3500 provides a building block for powering six VTX V25 systems.   

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