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JBL VRX PA systems available from Jands

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Performance Lighting & Sound has been busy over the summer months installing JBL VRX PA systems into local colleges including Moreton Bay College in Brisbane and St Stephens College in Coomera.

“On site demonstrations were carried out and the boxes sold themselves; we ran them flat and then stood back,” remarked Noel Martin, managing director of Performance Lighting & Sound.

“The VRX boxes are fantastic; they look good, they sound good and they require very little processing to make them sound great.

"The fact that they need little processing is a positive attribute for these kind of venues where staff may not be highly trained technically.”

“They are also very easy to rig as they just snap together,” added Grant Strachan, technician from PL&S.

Moreton Bay College is an ongoing project for PL&S with an initial VRX centre cluster and other cabinets will be added at a later date for stereo imaging.

”The venue is really an orchestra venue although they do have choral recitals,” said Noel Martin. We started with three VRX 932 mid-high cabinets and a VRX918S sub in a central cluster from where they could cover quite a large area as they have a very wide dispersion.”

Also on the inventory was a Crown IT4000 amp, a DBX 260 processor and a Soundcraft 32 channel audio console.

”We usually source all of our audio equipment from Jands because, coming from the same stable, they are generally well matched to the speakers,” commented Noel Martin. “The Soundcraft console is a very reliable and compact desk that is also quite simple to use.”

St Stephens College already had some existing speakers in a stereo left/right position but they were not efficiently covering the centre zone and so a VRX system was added to enhance coverage and intelligibility.

”We added two VRX 932 mid-high cabinets and a VRX 918S sub cabinet as a centre cluster and that has fixed the void,” said Noel Martin.

“There is a much higher intelligibility now. The output of each cabinet in the array is selectable which is helpful. Again we have used a Crown IT4000 amp and a DBX 260 processor.”

Noel & Grant with the assistance from Paul Tayar, technical resource group at Jands, used JBL’s EASE acoustic simulation modeling software to produce models of the venue showing where the boxes will hang and consequently the dispersion and sound pressure achieved.

“There is also a VRX ARRAY TOOL on the JBL website, which is perfect to explain the design attributes of the VRX range, you can add or subtract boxes, alter the throw of each box and see the results via the graphics,” said Noel Martin.

“Both are very good selling tools. We downloaded the results onto a laptop, took it to the site and delivered a quality presentation to the client, something the competition did not do.”

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