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JBL PRX400 Series loudspeakers available from Jands

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JBL has launched the new PRX400 Series loudspeakers offering passive portable or fixed installation options to meet specific requirements.  

The PRX400 Series comprises of four speakers including three 2-way models, PRX412M, PRX415M and PRX425 in single 12”, single 15” and dual 15” configurations in addition to a single 18” sub woofer, PRX418S.  

All new speakers feature 12 M10 fly points to facilitate easy installation. Additionally, the 412M and 415M can be used as a floor wedge. Weight-saving contributions for easy portability come from glass-filled nylon carry handles and lightweight drivers with the PRX412M speaker weighing in at just 17.2kg.  

The new PRX400 Series loudspeakers are targeted at small to medium sized installations, where it may be expensive to deploy multiple power points around a venue and then distribute balanced audio cable around to self-powered speakers whilst avoiding picking up any noise along the way.  

All speakers are manufactured from 18mm birch/poplar multi-laminate hardwood constructed with tongue and groove joints, complete with JBL’s tour grade Duraflex finish and featuring dent-resistant 16 gauge steel grilles.  

The PRX412M and PRX415M cabinets feature JBL’s dual angle 36mm pole mount socket, which has both a flat and 10-degree down tilt, allowing the user to aim the sound in any direction.  

JBL’s new unpowered speakers come with factory presets to load onto Crown’s XTi-2 series of power amplifiers, making use of the advanced integrated DSP functionality found in the amplifiers to provide tunings for subwoofer/satellite set ups.  

JBL’s new PRX400 Series speakers offer impressive SPL levels with the PRX 421M having a rated maximum SPL of 126dB, the PRX 415M with 129dB, the dual 15” PRX 425 to 134dB SPL and the PRX 418S subwoofer offering 130dB.  

Key features of PRX412M speakers:  

  • Most compact and versatile speaker in the PRX400 Series 
  • Designed to deliver maximum performance for its weight and size as both a stage monitor and a front of house main PA system
  • Multiple fly points and a dual angle socket pole mount makes it perfect for the PRX418S subwoofer
  • Offers a high performance sub/sat system capable of producing 135dB SPL
  • Comprises of a 305mm woofer and a 37.5mm annular polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to a 90º by 50º horn
Key features of PRX415M speakers:  
  • 2-way 15" speaker perfectly balances size and performance
  • Small, lightweight, versatile and powerful
  • Performance and asymmetrical design make it ideal for portable applications
  • Excellent light duty installation speaker when hung by the suspension points
  • Delivers optimum balance for applications requiring full bandwidth sound reproduction
  • Becomes an efficient, full-range sound system when coupled with a PRX418S sub-woofer
  • Comprises of a 380mm neodymium woofer and a 37.5mm annular polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to a 90º by 50º horn
Key features of PRX425 speakers:  
  • Dual 15" woofer design creates enough low frequency content to serve most live music or music playback situations
  • Becomes a high volume sound reinforcement solution when coupled with a PRX subwoofer (or multiple subwoofers)
  • Ideal for regional tour companies and AV rental companies looking for a scalable, easy to employ audio solution
  • Lightweight two-way loudspeaker system capable of delivering a very high level of performance over a broad bandwidth
  • Comprises of two 380mm woofers and a 37.5mm annular polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to a 90º by 50º horn
Key features of PRX418S subwoofers:  
  • Offers the performance of an 18" subwoofer in a package not much larger than a typical 15" sub
  • Complements PRX400 full-range systems with a pole receptacle that accepts a SS3-BK or SS3-BK24
  • Highly transportable, high performance subs/satellite system when configured with a PRX412M or PRX415M
  • Comprises of a single 460mm neodymium woofer
JBL PRX400 Series loudspeakers are available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of professional sound systems as well as lighting and staging equipment.

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