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JBL Control 60 Series Pendant Speakers available from Jands

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JBL introduces the Control 60 series of pendant speakers in a range of models including three full range speakers and one satellite speaker.  

Control 60 series includes the 62P, 65P/T, 67P/T and 67HC/T models.  

The Control 60 series pendant speakers are similar to the existing Control 40 series of ceiling-mounted speakers.  

The full range pendant speakers incorporate the RBI technology found in the Control 40 series units.  

RBI or Radiation Boundary Integrator is a unique JBL patent-pending innovation that combines a large diameter high-frequency waveguide with low-frequency projection apertures, working in tandem to provide a seamless integration of coverage between the two coaxially mounted drivers.  

The result is extremely even pattern control and coverage, providing all listeners with a consistent flat, frequency response.  

The RBI results in the mid and high frequencies tapering down evenly at the edges of the speaker’s coverage pattern, just as the next speaker is starting to evenly fill in that space.    

This results in better sound at the overlap areas between the coverage of multiple speakers.  

In addition to the sound quality benefits of RBI, the uniform coverage of the Control 60 models often allows the use of fewer speakers in a system to cover a larger area while at the same time eliminating drop-out spots.  

This results in cost savings in a project, gained from the cost of the loudspeakers themselves, and the cost of installing and powering the loudspeakers.  

Control 60 pendant speakers come with all suspension cables and fasteners and are available in black or white.  

The pendant speakers are suitable for outdoor installation as the drivers and enclosures are weather-treated while the grilles are zinc-plated and painted to resist corrosion.  

Terminal covers are available for use outside or where the building code may require enclosed input terminals. The speakers are UL1480 listed for use in air handling spaces.  

Control 65P/T and Control 67P/T models offer 120-degree dispersion while Control 67HC/T speakers are speciality high ceiling units with 75-degree narrow coverage.  

Key features of Control 65P/T pendant speakers: 

  • Compact full-range model offering better performance over larger competitive pendant speakers on output level and bass capability
  • Suitable for speech and high quality music systems
  • RBI waveguide provides excellent pattern control for consistent coverage of the listening space
  • Excellent for applications where output level and frequency response are sufficient
  • Provides wide-bandwidth and high fidelity sound quality

Key features of Control 67P/T pendant speakers: 

  • Larger diameter drivers and enclosure than Control 65P/T
  • Better sound level capability, higher sensitivity and extra bass output
  • Larger RBI waveguide for extra pattern control
  • Ideal for applications where maximum output is required, or for venues needing uniform coverage

Key features of Control 67HC/T pendant speakers: 

  • Narrow-coverage pendant loudspeaker
  • Suitable for high ceiling mounting
  • Narrow coverage concentrates the sound so that it can project with clarity all the way to the floor area
  • Narrow coverage achieves clear intelligibility of speech and clarity of music by reducing time-smearing of sound heard by listeners
  • Provides improved sound quality in applications where the speaker is located high up in the room
  • Ideal for spaces that have a lot of reverberation such as large rooms with solid reflective surfaces

Key features of Control 62P satellite speakers: 

  • Ultra-compact mid-high frequency satellite speaker used for speech or mid-high frequency music applications
  • Designed to be an excellent satellite speaker in a subwoofer-satellite system for full bandwidth sound quality
  • Can be intermixed with Control 42C in-ceiling speakers and Control 52 on-wallspeakers
  • Ideal when the speaker needs to be small and visually unobtrusive

Control 60 Series pendant speakers can be integrated into projects using JBL’s DSD Distributed System Design software, available at no charge from the JBL Professional website.  

The JBL Control 60 series is available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of professional sound equipment, lighting systems and staging equipment.

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