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HPX series installation dimmers available from Jands

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Jands  HPX now has a full range of installation dimmers as well as replacements for the popular HP series dimmers.

The Jands HPX12 and HPX 6 represent a range of power control products designed for the remote control of mains powered equipment. They are offered in both dimming and switching variants targeted at the professional lighting industry worldwide.

The Jands HPX12 and HPX6 dimmers are capable of running from 100 to 240VAC mains supplies and are available with various risetime filters, single Triac or dual SCR switching devices, and 10A, 20A or (for HPX6) 25A channel current rating. All models are available in a variety of output connector options. The Jands HPX12 and HPX6 can be powered from single or even two phase power supplies, while maintaining equal numbers of channels per phase. The Jands HPX12 and HPX6 will operate from mains power supply frequencies of between 40 and 66Hz with no setting changes.

The Jands HPX12 and HPX6 have been designed where flexibility and ease of use is a priority. The high brightness display used on the standard control panel ensures the product is easy to use in dark environments, while the feature set has been optimised for use driveway hire applications.

The Jands HPX12 and HPX6 dimmers provide many features found in high end products. Current control algorithms reduce the instance of circuit breaker drop-outs due to cold lamp inrush, while dual speed controlled fans, high performance mains filtering, and a soft over-temperature cut-out are also included to eliminate problems before they appear to the operator.

Following features are included in Jands HPX12 and HPX6 dimmers:

  • DMX-512 digital control protocol
  • Internal DMX-512 termination
  • Three mains phase indicator LEDs
  • Multiple status indicators
  • Digital DMX-512 start channel display
  • Built-in test facilities
  • Single, two, or three phase operation
  • Soft over-temperature cutout
  • Dual temperature controlled DC fans
  • Toroidal output chokes
  • Easy access to output devices
  • Third-order active filter minimises the effects of mainsborne noise

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