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Crown and BSS Audio announce new PIP-BLU cards to suit CTS Series amplifiers

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The PIP-BLU cards join the existing Crown PIP card line-up available to slot into CTS series amplifiers.  

Offering amplifier monitoring and control with a feature set similar to the PIP-Lite cards or Crown MAi amplifiers, PIP-BLU cards provide two channels of audio via the Soundweb London high bandwidth fault tolerant digital audio bus known as BLU link.

BLU link features a very low latency (0.23ms per hop at 48kHz), fault tolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels, which uses standard Category 5e cabling giving a distance of 100m between compatible devices.

This distance can be extended up to 10km with BSS MC-1 fibre media convertors and single mode fibre if required. Software configuration is available in London Architect.

The new PIP-BLU card is a significant addition to the CTS 2 channel amplifier line. By combining BSS Soundweb London and Crown CTS series amplifiers, the PIP-BLU can be a cost-effective solution for projects that now require digital audio to the amplifier but do not require DSP within the amplifier.  

Additionally, the card has analogue input connectors to accommodate an analogue back up audio source and can also act as an analogue break out box, converting 2 channels of BLU-Link audio to analogue and presenting these on the output combicon connectors, which could then be cascaded down the rack to non PIP-BLU equipped amplifiers.  

Key benefits of the PIP-BLU cards:  

  • Offers basic amplifier control and monitoring similar to current PIP-Lite cards and MAi series amplifiers 
  • Adds a digital audio transport bus (BLU-Link) 
  • Configured in BSS Audio’s HiQnet London Architect 
  • Thermal monitoring and real time load monitoring 
  • Multi-mode output limiters and input compressors     
Jands conducts BSS Soundweb London CTS certified training courses free of charge in Sydney, NSW and Melbourne, VIC. These courses include a module on configuring and controlling Crown PIP cards from within the BSS Audio HiQnet London Architect software platform.  

Jands is a leading Australian distributor of professional sound systems in addition to lighting and staging equipment from several international brands.

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