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Color Force 12 LED Fixtures for Entertainment Lighting available from Jands

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Jands  specialises in the distribution of professional lighting, stage and sound equipment.  

Jands supplies a line of multipurpose LED fixtures suitable for diverse entertainment lighting applications.  

Chroma Q Color Force 12 LED fixtures provide power across the spectrum from deep cold blues to red hot lava – all from a single fixture. The LED fixture uses its huge RGBA colour mixing palette to deliver a full range of high brightness colours across the spectrum.  

Featuring a length of only 300mm, Color Force 12 LED fixtures unit are ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting. These LED lights also provide a massive output in excess of 2,000 lumens, easily washing up to 8m with smooth, theatrical-grade dimming.  

Color Force 12 LED lights are suitable for uplighting, pipe-end, shin-busting, backlighting and wash applications.  

Mighty Output  

With an output of over 2,000 lumens, CF12 LED lighting can also be used to extend Color Force 48 and 72 LED batten installations.  


The Chroma-Q RGBA engine delivers an incredible CRI of 92 for true colour balance across the spectrum.  

Each Color Force 12 incorporates ColorSure technology for enhanced colour consistency across cells and fixtures.  


The Color Force custom optical design provides a smooth, uniform output with outstanding colour blend across the spectrum.  

Separate discreet RGBA LEDs are used for increased efficiencies and the custom Chroma-Q optical design delivers surprisingly clean shadows for most common real-world applications.  


The Color Force 12 is roughly comparable in output and cost to a 750W PAR with colour changer and dimmer channel.  

Energy Efficient

Ongoing cost savings from the Color Force 12 is high with a 50,000-hour lamp life and only 120W power usage at full power.  


The Color Force 12 is compatible with industry standard control consoles including HSI, RGB, RGBA, RGBI and StRGBA DMX modes.  

Key features:

  • RGBA full colour palette and CRI of 92
  • Extremely smooth uniform wash
  • Massive 2,000 lumens output across the spectrum
  • Suitable for all entertainment lighting disciplines
  • Standalone Master and Slave modes ensure synchronisation of dynamic looks and create additional usage possibilities
  • Mains power and DMX in-out for simple cable management
  • Hidden quick release fixings for fast deployment
  • Built-in power supplies
  • Rugged yet lightweight extruded aluminium body

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