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Chroma-Q ColorWeb for several of Big Brother’s production

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As Big Brother nears the end of its fifth successful series, lighting designer Francesco Calvi is still singing the praises of the Jands' Chroma-Q ColorWeb which provides him with flexibility and creative possibilities.

In fact the ColorWeb is the dominating set element for all of the Big Brother productions- Live Evictions, Friday Night Live, Nominations and Specials.

Each Big Brother production is themed by colour – evictions are red, Friday nights are amber, nominations are green and specials are blue – and Francesco uses the ColorWeb to reinforce this theme.

“The ColorWeb enables me to easily emphasize the colour theme on set whilst adding movement to the scene,” said Francesco.

“It gives the set a unique depth as well as adding colour and action supplied by video that runs through the ColorWeb via a Hippotizer. The ColorWeb is easy to use and bloody reliable!”

Francesco also noted how cost effective the ColorWeb is especially compared to LED curtains.

The unique modular design of ColorWeb proved particularly useful on the Big Brother set. The flexible 1m² panels easily clip together on all four sides and can even be joined over distances using separately available interlinking cables, giving users complete control over the size and shape of their display area.

Camera right on the Big Brother set displays a simple large wall of panels but camera left is broken up by a stairway and various set elements. However, this was no problem as the ColorWeb panels could be adjusted to suit the set.

“We made some quite funky shapes and it’s so useful to be able to design with the ColorWeb panels around the shape of the set,” added Francesco.

The flexibility of ColorWeb was again a bonus when it came to re-designing the large auditorium into a smaller, more intimate venue for the Nomination and Friday Night Live productions which only house an audience of sixty.

“The ColorWeb, which is very easy to fly out, is used to wrap around the back of the audience continuing the set right around the space which really helps the cameras for shoot-offs,” explained Francesco.

Francesco is also using the ColorWeb for his new television project Torvill and Deans Skating on Ice where it is used to enhance the entrance matching colours to the big looks provided by the moving lights. The ColorWeb was chosen by Chris Batson the set designer.

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