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Augrid Stadium, Newcastle Audio Fitted by The PA People

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The Ausgrid Stadium home of  the Newcastle Knights, has undergone vast facelift renovations specifically the redevelopment of the Western Grandstand. The state of the art stadium has provided Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region with a fantastic sporting facility.

The stadiums audio system was designed and implemented by the PA People who have fitted  JBL Application Engineered loudspeaker with weatherized treatments for external use (WRX) and also hosts a JBL Control Contractor 29AV and 25AV products. The speakers are driven by Crown CTS amplifiers which are fitted with the Crown DSP card - Crown IQ PIPUSP4/Cn. The overlay processing and control is via a BSS London BLU system.

Loudspeakers within the stands are consisted of six clusters of spaced elements which are mounted close to the leading edges of the roof, they fill the speakers to cover all areas which are shadowed from the main clusters. Each cluster is comprised of a JBL AM5212 and KBL AM4315, covering both the grandstand upper and lower seating.

The careful selection of the horn pattern and orientation will allow the grandstand upper seating to be serviced by a single enclosure whilst maintaining the SPL variation within the target +/-3dB. This eliminates interfering effects such as comb filtering which can occur when loudspeakers are arranged to cover common zones.

The cluster used to cover the grandstand lower seating (JBL AM4315) is operated as a passive 3 way and is controlled from a channel of Crown CTS2000 amplification which provides over 6dB of headroom. Multi-ban PT mid-high frequency waveguides provide an increased sensitivity within the mid range vocal region between 500Hz and 2.8 kHz. It also has an extended bandwidth and a well controlled coverage pattern.

Having exceptional pattern control down to the low mid range 250 Hz, the JBL PD5212WRX loudspeakers have be installed into the open arena viewing areas.

Seventy two JBL Control25AV speakers and twenty four JBL Control29AV speakers will enable coverage for all areas in the Western Grandstand.

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