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Non-hazardous compression packing solves sealing problems

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article image Valcor Hi-Temp: seals at constant temperatures up to 1000°C and above.

VALCOR Hi-Temp is James Walker's new compression packing solution for high efficiency sealing at constant temperatures up to 1000°C, with excursions to 1100°C.

It is recommended for static or slow rotary applications including door seals on steel annealing furnaces, kiln packings and the stem glands of valves controlling very high temperature gas flows.

The packing is based on a stable fibre material of 9µm (9-micron) diameter that is soft, non-irritating and non-hazardous.

Unlike products made of normal, hard ceramic fibres of about 3µm (3-micron) diameter, Valcor Hi-Temp is not limited by World Health Organisation or European Union restrictions says James Walker.

No protection for breathing, eye, hand or body is required during Valcor Hi-Temp's handling, storage or use.

According to James Walker, Valcor Hi-Temp is a competitively priced non-hazardous alternative to normal ceramic fibre packings.

The company says the product offers far better value for money than other alternatives such as those made from pure silica fibre.

In addition to compression packings, James Walker makes other flexible heat-resistant products for industry from Valcor Hi-Temp - braided insulation sleeves, webbing tapes, ladder tapes, lagging rope, twisted rope, blankets and paper.

The heat resistant yarn used in the manufacture of Valcor Hi-Temp is reinforced with a small amount of glass fibre and Inconel wire.

It contains no organic agents or processing aids, and therefore retains its physical and chemical properties at very high temperatures.

Valcor Hi-Temp does not decompose into hazardous substances, as do many normal ceramic fibre based packings.

The product is chemically compatible with fluid media in the range pH 1-10, excluding hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride. It has excellent resistance to water, organic chemicals and other acids.

Valcor Hi-Temp is supplied as densely braided compression packings of square, round and rectangular sections from 3mm to 100mm across, in any length. Other flexible products are made to order.

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