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HyrdoSele S rotary cartridge seals for water turbine shafts

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article image Hyrdosele S rotary cartridge seal for water turbine shafts

James Walker’s HydroSele S rotary cartridge seals for water turbine shafts have been purposely built to cut maintenance and improve the reliability and profitability of Francis and Kaplan-style hydropower plants across the world.

The company's rotary cartridge seals ensures that hydropower plants maximise their renewable energy creation abilities by limiting the level of water leakage in turbines.

Key features and benefits of the HydroSele S rotary cartridge seals for water turbine shafts include:

  • two sealing elements work back-to-back within a cartridge to flush water introduced between them
  • low maintenance – reducing the costs of installation
  • the company’s rotary cartridge seal prototypes are still running trouble free after 12 years of operation
  • the seals are designed for very low and controlled levels of leakage, reducing the risk of flood damage to plants
  • low power consumption compared to traditional mechanical seals
  • device can be custom manufactured to suit turbine requirements
Field trials have also shown that the HydoSele S rotary cartridge seals offer the best long-term value shaft sealing arrangement for Francis and Kaplan turbines. Each component of the rotary cartridge seals are designed and precision manufactured to fit perfectly around turbine shafts without stripping down the housing.

Construction components of the HydroSele S rotary cartridge seal includes:

  • designed with fully split metal housing rings
  • flush ring
  • two split-type sealing elements

The HydroSele S rotary cartridge seal also comes in a complete package which includes:

  • cartridge unit
  • adapter plate
  • shaft sleeve
  • condition monitoring system and skid-mounted FlushPak

The company can also provide safety-trained personnel to undertake onsite surveys, site supervision and other duties in order to provide for the smooth installation and use of the rotary cartridge seal.

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