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James Walker Australia has developed into a major player in the sealing industry throughout Australasia. They are recognised as a diverse manufacturer of sealing solutions in the region and service a wide range of industries such as petrochemicals, mineral processing, gaskets, oil and gas.


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14/07/11 - Treadmaster floor coverings provided by James Walker Australia have been used in a major Australian rail project that will deliver over 620 new, air conditioned rolling stock carriages.
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24/05/11 - Available from James Walker Australia, copper anti-seize lubricants come in paste form and contain copper and graphite particles. There is no added lead in this anti seize compound.
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12/11/10 - The Moorside ring joint gaskets from James Walker Australia are precision manufactured metal ring joints used in high pressure oil field applications and on refining and processing plants.
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28/09/10 - James Walker Australia’s Oring cord service kit contains all the parts and tools necessary for industries to create their own O-rings to their own machine and design requirements.
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32 Clapham Rd
Regents Park
NSW 2143
Tel: (02) 9721 9500
Fax: (02) 9721 9580

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Metaflex Rotabolt Sentinel Treadmaster

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