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Precision measuring equipment from James Machinery

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James Machinery  supplies a range of wire-cut electrical discharge machines (EDM’s) manufactured by Sodick. The wire-cut electrical discharge machine range includes the AQ300L, AQ327L, AQ537L, AQ750L, AQ900L, AP200L, AP450L AP500L and the EXC100L.

The Hybrid Wire EDM developed by Sodick and distributed by James Machinery achieves dramatically improved wire cutting process by combining the high-speed machining of waterjet cutting with the ultra-high precision machining of Wire EDM’s. This Hybrid Wire EDM can be used for different requirements, like waterjet cutting only, combined machining with waterjet and wire-cutting or wire cutting only.

Sony (Magnescale) precision measuring equipment is widely used in many workshops. Sony (Magnescale) delivers accurate, easy to use devices that can be used for a range of applications.

The GB-A SR128 developed by Sony (Magnescale) and distributed by James Machinery is a compact scale for position control and digital readouts. The SD608-RA is a scale with magnetic principle that is used for feed back applications.

The BS78 is a high-resolution scale that is not affected by humidity, air pressure and disturbances in the air. James machinery also supplies a range of rotary encoders, sensors, switches, detectors and interpolators, displays and gauges manufactured by Sony (Magnescale).

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