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Steam welder wheels and alloys from James Coppell Lee

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James Coppell Lee  produces a range of metric, imperial rounds, squares, seam welder wheels, castings, hexagons, rectangles, forgings, plate and special shapes.

Chrome Zirconium Copper (J47Z) that conform to R.W.M.A. Class 2 specifications is widely used for seam and spot welding of plated materials, like terne plate, tin plate, Zinc, Lead coated steels and aluminium. This alloy has unique properties like high electrical, thermal conductivity along with its resistance to softening even in temperatures as high as 500 degrees centigrade. Chrome zirconium copper is widely used in manufacturing of cold formed spot welder tips.

Nickel beryllium copper alloy (U50) is designed for use in resistance welding applications and is supplied as rod, seam welder wheels and forgings. Beryllium cobalt copper alloy (U77) is suitable for use in applications where high strength, hardness and abrasive qualities are required.

Moldmax from James Coppell Lee is a beryllium copper alloy designed for the plastic processing industry and has wear resistance and strength similar to many tool steels along with thermal conductivity comparable to aluminium. Protherm is a beryllium copper alloy Protherm provides high thermal conductivity that is twice that of aluminium and hardness and strength that exceeds aluminium.

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