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Manganese bronze and copper nickel from James Coppell Lee

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James Coppell Lee  has been providing quality metal products to the domestic market in Australia and the overseas markets for over 100 years. The stringent quality control systems that are a part of the manufacturing process at James Coppell Lee helps the company make products that are free from defects and last for a number of years thereby providing good value for money to the customers.

After the ore is melted James Coppell Lee employs a number of processes to produce the finished products. Some of the casting processes that are available at James Coppell Lee are continuous casting, billet casting, centrifugal casting and sand casting. After the casting process the various forming options that James Coppell Lee uses are forging, extrusion , drawing and rolling. These processes give the final shape to the product that is desired.

James Coppell Lee makes a wide range of alloys like aluminium, aluminium bronze, aluminium silicon bronze, arsenical brass, bending brass, beryllium copper, brass, brazing metal, bronze, bronze leaded, cadmium copper, chrome zirconium copper, chromium copper, titanium chromium zirconium copper, copper nickel, copper silicon, copper tin, gilding metal, gunmetal, high con-copper, hot forging brass, manganese bronze, naval brass, nickel silicon chromium copper, nickel silver, oxygen free copper, phos. bronze, phos. deox. copper, silicon bronze, silver copper, sulphur copper, tellurium copper, tin bronze, tobin bronze and tungsten copper

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