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Batch feeders and drum tilters from Jacmor Engineering

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Jacmor Engineering  offers screw conveyors for material handling applications. Jacmor Engineering offers bulk material handling and screw conveyor systems including screw conveyors, screw feeders, live bottom bins, batch feeders, screws, drum tilters, fountain mixers, discharge valves, bulker back loading systems, conveyors, thordon bearing, twin paddle mixer, weigh feeders, shaftless screws, toggle clamps, plough mixers, ribbon mixers and a wide variety of mixers & blenders.

Jacmor Engineering offers batch feeders which are made of stainless steel pr carbon steel assisting in metering and mixing applications. Bulker bag loading frame from Jacmor Engineering is offered with a pneumatic cylinder which is used in the the bag during filling applications in order to minimise air pockets and to ensure that bag is filled. Jacmor Engineering offers auxiliary equipment including hoppers, diverters, flow control chutes, tanks, bins and dust collectors.

Jacmor Engineering offers drum tilters with a complete drum support mechanism and the drum rotates with a hand wheel, hand chain or an electric drive system. Jacmor Engineering offers job cranes which are capable of handling items up to 1500 kg and is considered to be one of the safest ways for lifting and handling items in the factory. Jacmor Engineering also offers toggle clamp fasteners which can be used for a wide range of applications including screw conveyor lids, small hopper lids, doors and inspection plates.

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