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Products offered by Jackson Industries

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Jackson Industries  is a manufacturer of products for the telecommunication industries in the Australian retail market. Retail products from Jackson Industries include power products, telephone products, batteries and Cat 5e patch cords. Jackson Industries has designed and manufactured a wide range of power products like overload protection, TV surge protection, Telecom’s surge protection, inverters, outdoor IP rated power products, heavy duty products, adaptors, night-lights and other specially designed power products.

The specially designed power products from Jackson Industries include 6-way power board with cover, remote power stake and many more.

Jackson Industries manufacture batteries of various capacities to be used in different applications. 300mA 3.6V Black Plug, cordless phone replacement battery 300mA, 300mA 3.6V White Plug Reverse are few of the battery types manufactured by Jackson Industries.

A complete set of telephone products ranging from adaptors to telephone cords, ADSL products, extension ringers, plugs, wall sockets are available from Jackson Industries.
In Jackson Industries, Catch 5e patch cords are available in lengths of 1 metre, 3 metres, 5 metres, 10 metres and 15 metres. In the 3 metre patch cords range, Jackson Industries offers 3 metre Cat5e patch cords and 3 metre cross-over Cat5e patch cords.

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