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Brady - Jabac announces launch of new BMP21 Portable Label Printer

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Designed for the electrical, voice/data comm, and general industrial markets, the BMP21 Portable Label Printer is a thermal transfer printer that creates legible, high performance labels for harsh working environments. With one-handed operation and convenient multifunctional accessories, the BMP21 printer is an easy-to-use, versatile label maker – complete with an impressive variety of label types and sizes.

One-handed operation, label retention and new features advance ease of use

BMP21 Portable Label Printers offer a number of new user-friendly features that make it easy to operate; in fact, this label maker can be fully operated with only one hand. It has a dual cutter that functions with simple push buttons, which eliminates user fatigue and allows for one-handed cutting. The dual cutter also has a new label retention feature, which keeps the label from falling on the floor after it is cut – a much-needed solution for ensuring the labels stay organized on the job site.

BMP21 portable printers also offers new capabilities like automatic data serialization, internal memory storage and retrieval, and automatic font sizing and label formatting. The labeler features more than 80 different built-in symbols, graphics and barcodes specific to its targeted industries, including 13 voice/data comm. symbols, 19 electrical symbols and 48 general identification symbols.

Multifunctional accessories include magnet, flashlight for added labeling convenience

Designed for maximum usability, the BMP21 Portable Label Printer can be purchased with several accessories that expand the functionality of the printer. For example, there is a magnet accessory that can be affixed to the label printer, giving professionals the option to attach it to panels, I-beams and other magnetic-receptive surfaces during use or storage. Another multifunctional accessory is available with a built-in flashlight for seeing in dark spaces. When used with the labeler’s new backlight feature on the display screen, the flashlight accessory makes it possible to create labels in areas with little to no lighting.

Wide variety of label materials includes self-laminating vinyl, heat shrink sleeves and more

The BMP21 Portable Label Printer offers Brady’s widest variety of label types and sizes for a handheld labeler. In addition to the standard nylon, polyester and indoor/outdoor vinyl labels, this label maker can print on PermaSleeve heat shrink sleeves and self-laminating vinyl up to 1.5” wide. Its labels adhere to irregular, curved or highly textured surfaces, and many can stand up to grease, oil and most industrial chemicals.

With such a wide variety of custom label materials, the BMP21 label printer can create labels for cables and wires, pipes, tools, bins, containers, faceplates, electrical panels, patch panels, terminal blocks, instruments, racks and more. 

BMP21 Portable Label Printers are available from Jabac Connections .

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